A business guide: how to fight mosquitos to enhance your visitors’ loyalty while delivering greater value

A business guide: how to fight mosquitos to enhance your visitors’ loyalty while delivering greater value

Mosquitoes negatively impact your business and here is why

Mosquitoes consistently top the list of customer complaints across various businesses, whether it's a stunning resort or a delightful restaurant. It's unfortunate that customers frequently experience irritation when they should be enjoying their time at these establishments. The growing threat posed by mosquitoes is a harsh reality, with more dangerous species relocating to new areas and potentially causing severe health problems.

Beyond the discomfort of bites, mosquitoes pose a significant threat as carriers of infectious diseases like malaria, dengue, and Zika. Scientifically, mosquitoes are considered some of the deadliest creatures on Earth, causing more deaths daily than shark attacks over the last century.  In the last 100 years, 1,035 people died as a result of shark attacks, while mosquitoes are responsible for a staggering 1,470 human deaths per day.

Let’s dive deeper into why business owners should address the issue with mosquitoes and how it can help them deliver better experience to their customers:
  • Combating mosquitoes is crucial to ensure the safety of your team and your customers, as mosquito-related diseases pose significant health risks;
  • Creating a comfortable and peaceful environment for customers is paramount to enhance their experience in establishments like restaurants, hotels, and golf clubs;
  • Boosting visitor loyalty plays a key role in retaining customers that help increase company’s revenue especially for the hospitality establishments that heavily rely on tourism;
  • Increasing teams' productivity by minimizing the distractions caused by mosquito bites and buzzing.

What strategies companies across different industries employ to protect themselves from mosquitoes?

To understand how to better fight mosquitoes, we need to learn more about the nature and instincts of mosquitoes. Only the female mosquitoes feed on blood so they can obtain the nutrients they need to develop their eggs. Once they are ready, the insects lay their eggs, normally 100 eggs at a time, in carefully selected sites where fresh water collects. It only takes a very small amount of water to attract a female mosquito. Bowls, cups, fountains, tires, barrels, vases and any other container storing water makes for a great “nursery.”

Therefore, reducing sources of water, where possible, is crucial for fighting mosquitos. Some species, such as mosquito of North America, may be found even inside the buildings, where fertilized female mosquitos can hibernate.

What natural ways can be utilized  to reduce mosquitoes on your property or business premises:

  • Seal cracks and crevices in constructions to prevent mosquitoes from taking shelter inside;
  • Eliminate areas with stagnant water, especially if shaded;
  • Ensure proper drainage and eliminate natural and man-made water separators;
  • Care for swimming pools to avoid becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes;
  • Use innovative ecological products to reduce mosquito population in the outdoor area of your property or business.

Interested what solution can help you forget about mosquitoes and let you enjoy your outdoors peacefully? Check out our recommendation below.

Introducing Mosqitter Grand: An innovative solution for businesses to fight with mosquitoes

Mosqitter offers an eco-friendly mosquito trap that mimics a “real person” without using any toxic chemicals. Here's why thousands of individuals and businesses choose Mosqitter:

  • One device effectively reduces mosquito bites by 93% for 2 acres of land
  • 100% safe for children, pets, and the environment without resorting to harmful chemicals
  • Cost-effective in the long term, reducing regular treatment costs by 70%
  • Easy to manage through a mobile app on iPhone or Android

Using Mosqitter is the optimal mosquito control strategy that involves:

  • Adhering to board guidelines regarding landscape, water reservoirs, and plants;
  • Physically securing buildings and areas against mosquitoes;
  • Using innovative solutions like Mosqitter Grand to consolidate and prolong the effects of pest control operations.

Discover more about Mosqitter Grand and order the device for your business or home on the official website of the brand at www.mosqitter.com.

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