How Beattie Development Increased Value of Their Homes by Eliminating Mosquitoes

How Beattie Development Increased Value of Their Homes by Eliminating Mosquitoes

Cape Coral, Florida, while relatively young, is a picturesque city spanning 120 square miles, making it the largest city between Tampa and Miami by both area and population. Its climate and natural beauty make it a coveted location for real estate buyers and… mosquitoes.

The Challenge of Real Estate in Mosquito-Prone Areas

Selling homes in such a mosquito-favored climate poses unique challenges. How does one ensure comfort for residents who wish to enjoy their luxurious new homes without the nuisance of mosquito bites? Over the years, methods for mosquito control have evolved, but what solutions are proving effective in 2024?

Beattie Development: One of The Premier Home Builders and Innovators in Cape Coral Area

Paul Beattie established Beattie Development, a custom home builder and general contractor in Southwest Florida, in 2009. Since then, the company has specialized in building, remodeling, and decorating properties and has gained recognition from both clients and the industry over 15 years.

The Climate Challenge and Mosquito Menace in Cape Coral

Cape Coral, like many cities in Southern Florida, boasts unique climate features. On one hand, this impacts the natural scenery and enables residents to enjoy superb tans and lavish pools. However, it also offers ideal conditions for mosquitoes. According to the Mosquito Forecast, the area sometimes sees extreme mosquito activity.

Year round mosquito forecast for Cape Coral, FL

The city's warm, humid climate and numerous waterways create a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, particularly from May through October, when the population thrives.

Mosquito Problems and Previous Solutions

In the past, luxury homeowners in Cape Coral had to creatively use various methods to protect against mosquito bites. This included mosquito nets for terraces and more extensive measures for pools, which often marred the aesthetics of the homes and reduced comfort.

Example of nets for a terrace

Example of nets for a terrace

Similar solutions are sometimes made for swimming pools, and even more complex ones:

Complex anti-mosquito solution for a pool area

In addition to additional costs, most often this also greatly spoils the exterior, creates discomfort and spoils the overall impression of the house.

How Paul Beattie Leveraged Mosqitter Innovations

Paul Beattie, with 15 years of real estate development experience, knows that attention to detail and innovation shapes the high-quality living experience essential in top-tier homes.

This led him to trial the Mosqitter Grand on his projects.

Mosqitter Grand installed in the pool area of one of Beattie's projects

Mosqitter is the manufacturer of an eco-friendly mosquito trap that operates by simulating the presence of a human and reduces mosquito bites by 93%.

Paul knew that many companies were already using Mosqitter and recommending it to others:

  • The device is 100% safe for children, pets, and even nature, as it does not use chemicals or pesticides
  • It is economically beneficial in the long run—it fully recoups the investment costs and saves 70% compared to the expenses associated with pesticide treatments and toxic fumes from mosquitoes.
  • The device is easily managed through a modern app for iOS and Android.

    A single unit can effectively reduce mosquito bites by 93% across an area up to 2 acres.

    At one of his properties, Paul installed two Mosqitter Grand devices to test their effectiveness and confirm that the number of mosquitoes and bites really does decrease.


    The device was placed in the yard, near the pool. The photo shows that there areno additional nets or barriers for mosquitoes.

    Thanks to its minimalist design, the Mosqitter Grand fits seamlessly into any yard without being obtrusive. And importantly, it safely handles mosquitoes without endangering people or pets.

    It is real “godsend” and a “huge difference”. No other solutions were used and tremendous difference in mosquito elimination. Moreover, the properties used to experience fly problem and Mosqitter addressed it as well.

    Paul Beattie

    Paul and his company, Beattie Development, now plan to actively use the innovative Mosqitter Grand traps on their properties and aim to become an official Mosqitter dealer in South Florida.

    For more details about Mosqitter Grand and to order the device for your business or home, visit the official brand store.


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